Sports Scholarship

1) It is the scholarship granted to the students who take part in contests with the teams of university in the branches determined by Turkish University Sports Federation.

2) The students who want to receive Sports Scholarship submit all information and documents related to their national and international studies, achievements, records to Sports Office in a file.

3) Granting Sports Scholarship depends on educational achievements of students and their participation in the teams of university in their own branch. The Board of Trustees determine the branches and students to be given scholarship upon the recommendation of Sports Office and approval of the President. Sports Scholarship is granted for one year and does not entitle students to receive scholarship in the following years.

4) In order for the continuation of the Sports Scholarship, Preparatory School students must pass the English Proficiency exam and other students must have minimum 1.70 of GPA to be entitled to move up, they must participate in the requisite activities with regard to their teams (meetings, trainings, matches, contests etc. - their participation is followed by Sports Office and participation reports are given by the Office), their success, performance and disciplined efforts must continue and they must have no disciplinary punishment.

5) The students who do not have necessary conditions for the scholarship anymore and enough performance and participation in the meetings, trainings, matches and contests lose their right to receive sports scholarship.